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About «Soundeofm»

«Soundeofm» is a place where you can enjoy the soft, dense & atmospheric sounding of the selected House & Deep House music genres.

We're constantly working to find the best contemporary music & to help talented musicians & artists to reach a wide audience.

Our objective — to bring energy & joy into your life. We want you to rejoice & dance.

In search of great mood, incredible rhythm & quality sounds? «Soundeofm» is specially for you!

— Maximum limit of listeners: 200.

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Dear Listeners!

«Soundeofm» plays music that is constantly updated. Everyone can find music here to fit their taste. If you like the sounds we air, look forward to the continued development of new songs to air or you just want «this music to play forever» & think that the radio station is worthy of your support, you can do so with a contribution of any amount of money that you think is appropriate — don't be shy & thank you!

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«Soundeo» is a House & Deep House dedicated music-blog, promotion source, radio online & record label founded in Minsk, Belarus.

«Soundeo» was created to promote the already well-known as well as beginning their career talented artists & musicians, record labels, filmmakers & photographers.

We're constantly working on new projects, including:

«Soundeo» — YouTube Channel, est. 2016
«Soundeo Mixtape» — YouTube Channel, est. 2016
«Soundeofm» — Radio Online, est. 2017
«Soundeo Records» — Record Label, est. 2018

If you are a creative artist, label oriented to new music or any other interested subject — don't hesitate to write to us & offer your content.


who we are


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Minsk City, Republic of Belarus
38 Lobanka Str. / 220136

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