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Founded in 2018,
«Soundeo Records» is a young and promising House / Deep House music brand, having its own unique style of sounding, where music manifests itself not only as something deep, but also serious, immersed in itself, mysterious, with a hint of intellectual content and emotionally rich.

«Soundeo» is a House / Deep House dedicated music-vlog, promotion platform, radio online and music label founded in Minsk, Belarus.

«Soundeo» was created to promote the already well-known as well as beginning their career talented artists and musicians, record labels, filmmakers and photographers.

We're constantly working on new projects, including:

«Soundeo» / «Soundeo Mixtape»
YouTube Channels, est. 2016

Radio Online, est. 2017

«Soundeo Records»
Record Label, est. 2018

«Soundeo Soul»
Racord Label & Non-commercial Music Project, est. 2020

If you are a creative artist, label oriented to new music or any other interested subject — don't hesitate to submit your content here.



To release your track exclusively on the «Soundeo Records» Music Label, please send us a demo

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About «Soundeofm»

«Soundeofm» is a place where you can enjoy the soft, dense and atmospheric sounding of the selected House / Deep House music genres.

Our objective — to bring energy and joy into your life. We want you to rejoice and dance.

We're constantly working to find the best contemporary music and to help talented musicians and artists to reach a wide audience. Everyone can find music here to fit their taste.

For Listeners

All content presented on this website is intended only for acquaintance.

All rights to the content belong to their owners.

If you liked something, you should buy a licensed version of the presented content. Copies of the submitted material can't replace the quality of the original content. If you leave in any form the content presented on our website, but don't acquire the corresponding licensed versions — thus, you violate the laws on Intellectual Property.


If you like the sounds we air, look forward to the continued development of new songs to air or you just want «this music to play forever» and think that the radio station is worthy of your support, you can do so with a contribution of any amount of money that you think is appropriate — don't be shy and thank you!

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220136, 38 Lobanka str.
Minsk / Republic of Belarus

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