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«Soundeo Records» is a label with its own unique style of House / Deep House sounding, where music manifests itself not only as something deep, but also serious, self-absorbed and emotionally saturated.

«Soundeo» is a House / Deep House dedicated music-vlog, promotion platform and record label founded in Minsk, Belarus.

«Soundeo» was created to promote the already well-known as well as beginning their career talented artists and musicians, record labels, filmmakers and photographers.

We're constantly working on new projects, including:

«Soundeo» / «Soundeo Mixtape»
YouTube Channels, est. 2016

Radio Online, est. 2017

«Soundeo Records»
Record Label, est. 2018

«Soundeo Soul»
Record Label / Non-commercial Music Project, est. 2020

To release your track exclusively on the «Soundeo Records» Music Label, please send us a demo

To promote your content on the «Soundeo» / «Soundeo Mixtape» YouTube channels, please choose a vocation and send us your content

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220136, 38 Lobanka str.
Minsk / Republic of Belarus

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